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Agile Transformation

If your organization is considering a move to Agile, we can provide the professionals with hands on experience to guide your transition.  We take a pragmatic approach to implementing Agile, one that fits your unique business environment and culture.  Our Agile experts work closely with your business and IT stakeholders to understand your organization’s strategic objectives and identify opportunities for leveraging an Agile approach.  We then help you craft a customized Agile Transformation Roadmap that outlines the steps necessary to drive adoption and realize your Agile future.

Our team has first-hand experience in helping organizations mature and evolve their Agile practices.  We can ensure you get the most out of your Agile transformation by guiding you through the next phases of Agile such as DevOps, Continuous Delivery Pipelines, and scaling your Agile practices across multiple teams and work-streams.

Our Agile certified experts include:

•    Agile Coaches
•    Scrum Masters
•    Release Train Engineers

Our Agile practitioners can provide instruction with certifications for:

•    CSM
•    SSM (SAFe Scrum Master)
•    SA
•    CSPO
•    SASM (SAFe Advanced Scrum Master)

Tsource provides real-world experienced resources that manage your Agile efforts and provide support throughout each phase of becoming an Agile organization.  Our goal is to help you achieve continuous improvement and maximize the benefits of taking Agile to the next level.

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