Data Center Modernization

Our comprehensive Data Center Modernization process transforms and migrates your data center technology to the latest in virtual, cloud, and network computing. Even if your business isn’t looking to completely revamp existing infrastructure, our proven approach will help your data center, physical or virtual, achieve maximum efficiency, performance, and resiliency.

Tsource has real world experience helping organizations transform their computing power to the latest in cutting edge technologies and facilities. Organizations have an overwhelming number of options today when it comes to infrastructure platforms, site locations, and enabling technologies. Our methodology will help your organization sort through all the detail to find the best solution for your business. Whether you are just looking to assess your current infrastructure or looking to make the move to the Agile Data Center of the future, we have the experience, alliances, and methodology to get your organization to their optimal future state.

Our Data Center Modernization Practice includes:

  • Data Site Analysis and Selection – Whether your organization is looking to move to a new data center, completely migrate to the cloud or move to something in between, Tsource can help you make the decision that best aligns with your organization’s long-term strategic objectives.
  • Vender Proof-of-Concept Testing and Selection – Tsource has extensive experience helping organization’s vet the right technology for their diverse needs. From managing the selection process to providing resources for engineering and testing, we ensure your technology selection provides your organization with the agility and flexibility it needs to meet business demand.
  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis – We provide your team with a comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership Analysis that considers both short and long-term costs associated owning, managing, and maintaining your future state solution. Our objective is to arm you with the information necessary to make the most knowledgeable decision based on real time industry data, coupled with your own organization’s financial considerations.
  • Application Dependency Mapping and Testing Strategies – We understand how integrated and tightly coupled today’s business platforms are and how to best manage change within these types of environments. Through our application dependency mapping process, we help your organization uncover integration points as well compatibility considerations to ensure migrations to future state technology won’t disrupt your critical business processes.
  • Migration and Implementation Planning – Once your organization is ready to make the move to whatever the planned future state may be, our Technology Transition Planning practice can help your organization successfully migrate their technology capabilities from Point A to Point B.