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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Tsource understands how critical technology is to your business and the importance of planning for the unexpected.  That’s why we take a business-centric approach to helping you build a recovery plan and process that is both sustainable and manageable.

We provide experienced resources and offer a flexible approach that considers your organization’s desired future state, budget, and resources.  Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution includes:   

  • Current State Assessment – If you have already started down the DR path, we will assess your current plans and how they currently align to current and future business needs.  We will uncover any gaps and help you identify solutions to mitigate your current risks.

  • Business Impact Analysis – A Business Impact Analysis or BIA is a necessary step in defining and gaining consensus on what’s most critical in the event of a business disruption.

  • Future State Recommendations – Tsource provides your team with potential alternatives to meet your disaster recovery objectives and cost comparisons to allow you to make the best decision possible.

  • Implementation Roadmap – Our experienced resources work with your team to build an Implementation Roadmap that details the steps necessary to get you from where you are to where you need to go.

  • Implementation and Testing – We can provide hands-on technical resources, as well as consultants and projects managers to help guide your organization through the Implementation and Testing of your Disaster Recovery plan.

  • Disaster Recovery Maintenance Process – Finally, we will arm your team with a process that makes maintaining and updating your Disaster Recovery plan part of the normal operations of your business.

Whether you are starting from the beginning or enhancing existing plans, our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution will arm your organization with the information needed to implement a cost-effective and resilient solution.

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