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Enterprise Architecture

Are you getting the most of out your technology investment?  Is your IT strategy in tandem with the business strategy?  Do you have a clear view into the future of your technology evolution?  If your answer isn’t an adamant “YES” to any of these questions, we can get you on the right track with our wide breadth of Enterprise Architecture (EA) Solutions.

Our EA solutions are designed to help you create a crystal-clear vision for your future technology investments that ensures complete alignment with your business strategy, takes advantage of future technology innovations, and supports the agility and flexibility every business requires in today’s highly competitive environment.  Whether you need help implementing an EA practice within your organization, access to EA expertise on an as needed basis, or assistance fine-tuning your technology roadmaps, Tsource brings the skills and experience to help you crystallize your technology future.

Our EA Solutions include:

  • EA Advisory and Consulting – We can provide EA expertise as needed and when needed - virtually and/or onsite.  In addition, we can provide coaching and mentoring to your current EA staff.

  • EA Organizational Assessment – Provides your organization with the steps necessary to build an EA organization and discipline or improve an existing one.

  • EA Technology Assessment – We perform a current state assessment of your current technology architecture, identify gaps in technology and business linkage, and define the blueprint for the future evolution of your technology investments.  In addition, we will arm you with best practices to maintain EA standards and IT/Business alignment going forward.

  • Planning & Strategy – We’ll work with business and IT stakeholders to facilitate planning and strategy sessions aimed at identifying strategic objectives and establish alignment.

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