Pega Architect

Tsource needs Pega Architects in Herndon, VA or Columbia, MD to help support a 3 year program for our customer.

  • Experience Architecting Pega Solutions
  • Experience applying Pega application design and development to deliver business applications that are Built for Change
  • Familiar w/ Pega Express to model the life cycle of a case that mirrors the way business people naturally think about how work gets done
  • Use Designer Studio to refine and enhance the case life cycle design to build a business application Identify the tasks and responsibilities of the System Architect on a Pega Implementation
  • Configure case and case processing behavior
  • Create data classes, and properties to use in a Pega implementation
  • Automate decision-making throughout an application to improve process efficiency
  • Incorporate and manage reference data to allow applications to adapt to changing business conditions

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