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Monitoring & Alerting

In today’s world, you can’t afford to have any unexpected system downtime. Without the tools to oversee the health and performance of your servers, applications, and network your putting your business at risk.  Persistent troubleshooting and firefighting system problems create costly delays and staff stress.  That’s where Tsource can help!  Our Monitoring & Alerting Managed Service provides your business with an affordable solution to minimize downtime, identify bottlenecks, and improve the availability and performance of your infrastructure.  Our proactive Monitoring & Alerting managed service ensures potential problems are identified and resolved before they impact your business.

  • Cost Effective – Flexible pricing to fit any environment.

  • Flexible – Multi-vendor network support.

  • Insightful – Visibility into the health and performance of your infrastructure.

  • Manageable – Tools that help to simplify and speed up troubleshooting.

Complete Visibility:

  • Customer Portal

  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

  • Web Application/Site Monitoring

  • Real-time Alerting 

  • Automatic Ticket Generation

  • Weekly Reporting

  • Trend Analysis

  • Performance Insights and Feedback

Couple our Monitoring and Alerting managed service with our Network Operations Center and you have 24x7 monitoring and response for optimal support of your environment.

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