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They Keys to a Successful Agile Transformation

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Whether you’re looking to take small steps or undergo a full transformation, a successful move to Agile requires a thoughtful change management approach. Although each organization’s journey will be different given their unique environments and culture, there are common threads that help make the transition to Agile stick. In our work with clients over the years helping them achieve their Agile goals, we have found three common areas that are critical to making a transition to Agile a lasting change.

Tailored Training

Building context and meaning for your transition to Agile can be achieved through training that fits your organizational goals and culture. In our experience we have found before initiating your Agile transformation, a focus on training that creates a shared understanding is key. This includes, not only training the Change Members (Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Key Delivery Team Members), but training both the IT and business leaders of the organization as well. In addition, it’s important your customers, stakeholders, and technology adopters also have this shared understanding. To get the most out of your Agile transformation, every level of your organization must understand the ultimate goal and the path that it takes to achieve the desired end result. Training your organization towards this common understanding will ensure everyone is in sync and moving together.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Making the move to Agile requires endurance and a commitment to making the change. You know your business and its culture best, so it is important to set expectations that align with the unique nature of your organization. Setting realistic expectations at every level of the organization along with continuous reinforcement of the commitment to the journey will help ensure any obstacles are only minor bumps in the road. And while your Agile transformation may at times feel like a marathon and not a sprint, the end result will prove rewarding and allow your organization to reap the benefits of being an Agile organization.

Hands-On Coaching

No matter how big or small your Agile Transformation may be, ongoing coaching is an essential process and vital to ensuring continuous improvement. As your Agile processes mature, so will your need to provide additional guidance. This means providing directed instruction on moving to the next phases of Agile such as DevOps, Continuous Delivery Pipelines, and Innovation and Planning Iterations. This also means ensuring Product Owners, Agile leadership, stakeholders, and technology adopters evolve their approach as these processes continue to mature. Ongoing coaching at all levels ensures that every member and team of the Agile organization is working in tandem towards continuous improvement and a shared vision.

Make the Move to Agile With Tsource

Tsource has been helping our commercial and government clients in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. maximize their potential, right-size their infrastructure, and achieve their business and technology goals since 2003. We've helped customers deliver faster leveraging an Agile approach, improved system availability and performance by modernizing their technology portfolio, and successfully matched hiring managers with great IT talent. Experience matters and with over 30+ years of IT experience in the most diverse and complex environments, we are passionate about helping our customers get the most out of their technology investments by providing them with cost-effective, right-sized solutions. Tsource is a ISO 9001:2015 certified Woman Owned Small Business delivering IT Solutions, Managed Services, and Staffing. If you are interested in working with us, contact us online or give us a call at 410-970-6669.

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